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February 09, 2007


Thank you very much for the Mortgage Fraud article you published.

The mortgage fraud epidemic that plagues the US has far reaching economic ramifications which are only now starting to materialize. This effect is felt more deeply in higher valued markets, such as the OC. I spent 15 years as a QC manager for a large, So Cal based, national lender out there before moving back home to So Fla, the other mortgage fraud capital of the US.

As mortgage industry insiders, we saw this stage being set years ago, with lenders and Wall Street investors alike seeing the writing on the wall but relishing in the proceeds of these loans. "Don't ask, don't tell" should no longer be unwritten policy at these companies, presumably responsible for not only great economic contributions, but who are responsible for financing peoples lives and dreams, or irresponsibly destroying them for a profit.

Cindi Dixon, Director
Mela Capital Group, LLC
Mortgage Fraud Investigations and Training
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Coral Springs, FL 33067-0035
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